Scratch resistance for thermoplastics reinvented.

Welcome to TenasiTech, the clear choice for high performance composite polymers. TenasiTech will allow your polymer products to perform at levels you never thought possible. We have developed our patented, high functioning additives to deliver maximum consistency and performance. Importantly, our additive products are designed with the end-use in mind – we can disperse these performance materials into your host polymer without need for expensive equipment or process changes.

Nylon Anti-mar/Anti-scratch with SOLID-TT™

Our exciting new additive for Nylon is now available. The additive can be compounded, so no hardcoating of your molded parts or sheets needed for scratch and mar resistance.

2 (or 3!) Pencil Hardness increases
No hard-coating
No solvents
No rub off

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016
TenasiTech presents new Nylon additive at "Performance Polyamides 2016

June 8 and 9 has TenasiTech presenting its Nylon additive in Cologne, Germany at this new industry conference.
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Tuesday, 5 January 2016
Meet TenasiTech at 2016 Plastics in Automotive

Meet TenasiTech at the 2016 Plastics in Automotive event, in Detroit, MI on January 12th.
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Monday, 30 November 2015
Meet TenasiTech at Compounding World Forum 2015

Meet TenasiTech at the 3rd annual Compounding World Forum, on December 8-9 in Philadelphia, PA.
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