TenasiTech is moving the boundaries of performance for industrial polymers - polyurethanes, acrylics and beyond.

Welcome to TenasiTech, the clear choice for high performance composite polymers. TenasiTech will allow your polymer products to perform at levels you never thought possible. We have developed our patented, high functioning additives to deliver maximum consistency and performance. Importantly, our additive products are designed with the end-use in mind – we can disperse these performance materials into your host polymer without need for expensive equipment or process changes.

Our technology is providing new enhanced materials options for customers in engineering, sporting, automotive and construction applications. We are working in multiple polymer families and can customize our additive technology to suit your specific requirements if needed.

We welcome you to our website and our exciting new approach to high performance polymers.

Putting Tenacity into Flexible Elastomers


Monday 21 April 2014
TenasiTech secures investment to drive development

TenasiTech is pleased to announce that it has secured almost a million dollars in investment to drive the commercialisation of its range of plastics nanoadditive products.
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Wednesday 13 March 2013
TenasiTech established US office

TenasiTech has established a sales presence in the United States, making a significant step in connecting with the important US market.
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Wednesday 1 February 2013
TenasiTech appoints Executive Chairmain, David Evans

TenasiTech has announced that David Evans has joined the company Board as Executive Chairman.
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